Mark Psysk #13 Florida Panthers 2017-18

2017-18 Home Red Set 1 Size 56 Team Tagging Photomatched The jersey is from the first set of Adidas jerseys. There is nice wear, with repairs on both arms. Being a set 1 jersey, it has the NHL 100 patch on the sleeve.

Jake Dotchin #59 Tampa Bay Lightning 2016-17

2016-17 Home Blue Size 58 Team Tagging This jersey is from Jake Dotchin’s rookie season in the NHL. The jersey has awesome wear, with repairs all over both sleeves as well as by the collar on the chest. The jersey has the NHL 100 patch from the 2016-17 season, however the team has the jersey…

JT Brown #23 Tampa Bay Lightning 2013-14

2013-14 Home Blue Size 54 Team Tagging Photomatched There is some decent wear on this jersey with scattered marks and burns. It is photomatched to the big black mark on the back #3.

Vladislav Namestnikov #90 Tampa Bay Lightning 2015-16

2015-16 Home Blue Size 54 Team Tagging and LOA Very nice wear. The sleeves of this jerseys are very beat up with board burns and repairs. There is a nice board burn on the back left shoulder, as well as a few other scattered marks.

Brandon Montour #26 Anaheim Ducks 2017-18

2017-18 Home Black Set 2 Size 56 MeiGray LOA and Team Tagging Photomatched This jersey is easily photomatched to multiple games between January 17th and February 25th 2018. The wear is incredible with repaired holes and unrepaired holes on both arms. This is certainly one of the most hammered Ducks jerseys from the first Adidas…

JT Miller #10 New York Rangers 2013-14

2013-14 Home Blue Set #1 Size 58 Steiner LOA and Barcode Photomatched This jersey has pretty good wear. This is from JT Miller’s 2nd NHL season, and was worn while he scored his 3rd and 4th career goals. Interestingly, the letters are not stitched onto the name bar, but everything else is stitched.

Brett Connolly #10 Washington Capitals 2017-18 (Home 3)

2017-18 Home Red Set #3/Playoffs Size 56 MeiGray LOA and Tagging Stick and puck marks throughout. There are multiple sew repairs on both arms. Jersey was worn during the first 3 rounds of the playoffs leading up to their finals appearance.  

Connor Murphy #5 Arizona Coyotes 2015-16 (Sold)

2015-16 Home Red Set #1 (and Pre Season) Size 58 Team LOA and Tagging in Hem Good Wear. Unrepaired hole in the right sleeve and puck marks throughout, including some large ones on both arms and through the crest.

William Karlsson #38 Anaheim Ducks 2014-15

2014-15 Home Black Set 1 Size 56 Team LOA and Team Tagging Photomatched Very good wear. Repaired hole on the sleeve, as well as black marks all over the jersey. This is William Karlsson’s rookie NHL jersey. He was later traded to the Blue Jackets, where he would then be selected by the Vegas Golden…

Matt Tennyson #80 San Jose Sharks 2015-16 (Sold)

2015-16 Home Teal Set #1 Size 58 Team Tagging Photomatched Nice wear. This was the only teal jersey Matt wore this season as he was a call up throughout the season from the AHL and didn’t get any other sets. Matt played in 27 games this season. There are numerous pulls and marks throughout the…

Mike Green #52 Washington Capitals 2007-08 (Sold)

2007-08 Home Red Set #1 Size 58 MeiGray LOA and Tagging Photomatched Great wear. A ton of repairs on the arms. A few unrepaired holes on the sleeves, as well as big tear above the back bottom hem. This was Mike Green’s sophomore season and the first (and only) season with Reebok Edge 1.0 material jerseys….

Jarret Stoll #19 Minnesota Wild 2015-16 (Sold)

2015-16 Home Red Set #2 Size 56 Team Tagging Minimal wear. A few faint puck marks. Custom velcro inside the cuff of each sleeve. This was Stoll’s final season before retiring from the NHL.

Braydon Coburn #55 Tampa Bay Lightning 2014-15

2014-15 Home Blue Size 58 Team Tagging in Hem Photomatched A few board burns on both sleeves. A few faint marks throughout. This was Coburn’s first Lightning jersey after the trade to Tampa.

Brenden Dillon #4 Dallas Stars 2013-14 (Sold)

2013-14 Home Green Set #3 & Playoffs Size 58 MeiGray LOA and MeiGray Tagging Shows light wear, but has 3 good sized sew repairs (one on each sleeve and one on left shoulder). Jersey has a few puck marks. Dallas Stars do not use nameplates, so the name is stitched directly onto the jersey.

Brad Richards #91 Chicago Blackhawks 2014-15 (Sold)

2014-15 Home Red Set #1 Size 56 Team LOA and Set Tagging/Serial # in Hem Photomatched Light Wear. 2 small repairs. Custom shortened sleeves. Set tag features CR Tribute to Equipment Manager, Clint Rief. Worn during the Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Winning Season. Brad only played for the Blackhawks for one season.

Fredrick Modin #19 Atlanta Thrashers 2010-11 (Sold)

2010-11 Home Blue Set #2 Size 58 MeiGray LOA and MeiGray Tagging Photomatched Light wear. Some unrepaired holes on shoulder and sleeve. A few scattered puck marks. Worn for Freddy’s last NHL goal scored on December 26th, 2010 against Tampa Bay. This was also the final year of the Atlanta Thrashers before they were relocated…

Donald Maclean #45 Los Angeles Kings 1999-00 (Sold)

1999-00 Away White Set #1 Size 54 Set # Inside Hem Minimal Wear. Features the NHL 2000 patch on the chest and has a ton of blood all over the jersey. Set #1 is written inside the back hem of the jersey and initialed by the equipment manager. It is a size 54 however jersey…

Chris Dingman #11 Tampa Bay Lightning 2003-04 (Sold)

2003-04 Home White Set #3 Size 58 MeiGray LOA, MeiGray Tagging, and Team Tagging This jersey was worn by Chris Dingman during the 2003-04 season, as well as through the first 3 rounds of the Stanley Cup Winning playoffs. It shows heavy wear with blood stains.

Nick Cammarata #39 Florida Seals 2005-06 (Sold)

2005-06 Away Red Size 56 This jersey shows heavy game use. It was worn during the 2005-06 season with the Florida Seals. As with all Seals jerseys from that season, it features a Military patch on the upper chest. Jersey is a size 56 and made by OT Sports.  

Dmitri Afanasenkov #29 Tampa Bay Lightning 2003-04 (Sold)

2003-04 Home White Set #2 Size 56 MeiGray LOA, MeiGray Tagging, and Team Tagging Jersey shows heavy wear, which is pretty typical for jerseys from that area. Has a few repaired holes. This jersey was worn during the Stanley Cup Winning Season.