Calgary Flames Current Collection NHL

Blake Coleman #20 Calgary Flames 2021-22 (Home)

Set 3 | Size 56 | Team Tagging and LOA | Photomatched

Blake started wearing two jerseys per game while in Tampa due to the humidity and continued to do so in Calgary. This means that he wore 6 sets of jerseys. This is set #5, which was alternated with set #6 during the playoffs. I believe it was worn for periods #1 and #3 in most games, and was worn during the pivotal disallowed ‘kick goal’ in what would be Elimination Game 5 vs Edmonton. It has been photomatched to the marks in the C of the crest immediately after the goal, and is also photomatched to Game 7 vs Dallas, and Game 2 vs Edmonton. He finished the playoffs with 2 goals and 3 assists.

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