Calgary Flames Current Collection NHL

Blake Coleman #20 Calgary Flames 2021-22 (Away) ($450)

Set 3 | Size 56 | Team Tagging and LOA | Photomatched

Blake Coleman joined the Flames for the 2021-22 season after winning back to back Stanley Cups with the Lightning. While in Tampa, he started wearing two jerseys per game due to the humidity, and continued to do so in Calgary. This means that while everybody else wore 3 jerseys during the season, Blake wore 6. This is set #3, which was worn on December 12th and from January 2nd through the end of the regular season, and alternated with his set #4. From my best estimate, this jersey seems to have been worn in most 1st and 3rd periods of those games. For wearing so many jerseys, it shows excellent wear. With big black marks all over and repairs on both arms, it has been photomatched multiple times to games vs Seattle, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. He finished the season with 16 goals and 17 assists, 2 goals/points more than he had the previous season in Tampa.

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