Current Collection NHL Tampa Bay Lightning

Cory Conacher #89 Tampa Bay Lightning 2017-18

Set 1 | Size 54 | Team Tagging | Photomatched

After rejoining the Tampa Bay Lightning for the 2016-17 season and wearing #19, Conacher switched back to #89, which he wore with the team in the 2012-13 season. Conacher would play 38 games this season, including 2 in the playoffs, which was his most games played in a season with the Lightning. He grabbed 12 points during the season. The jersey shows definite use with marks on both sleeves. The jersey has the All-Star patch on the front chest, which was worn on the teams away jerseys up until the All-Star game. This is believed to be the only Conacher jersey with an All-Star patch as his other was likely turned into a Vinny retirement night jersey. It has been photomatched to the game vs Vegas on December 19th, which was the final game for the NHL 100 patch.

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