Calgary Flames Current Collection NHL

Mikael Backlund #11 Calgary Flames 2018-19 ($700)

Set 1 | Size 56 | Team Tagging and LOA | Photomatched

This jersey is the only retro set that the Flames wore during this season, having worn it on Jarome Iginla retirement night (you can faintly see where the Iginla patch was removed), as well as through the first round of the playoffs. The jersey shows excellent wear with black marks across the front bottom, across the back numbers, and in various other places. There is a repaired hole on the left elbow as well. The fight strap labels the jersey as an ‘A’, and it is photomatched with an ‘A’ in a few photos, however you can see a small rip where the ‘A’ was removed. Mikael put up 21 goals and 26 assists during the 2018-19 season.

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