Current Collection NHL Tampa Bay Lightning

Cory Conacher #19 Tampa Bay Lightning 2016-17

Set 1 | Size 54 | Team Tagging

When Cory Conacher returned to the Lightning he wore #19 for a season with the Lightning while Nesterov had his usual #89. This is set 1 home and is pretty clean due to him not playing in many games, but it still has a nice hole on one of the sleeves and a few black marks.

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  1. Good morning.
    I’m really a great fan of player Cory Conacher, who is now once again playing in my country Switzerland.
    My question is : would you accept to sell your jersey “Cory Conacher #19 Tampa Bay Lightning 2016-17 set 1” ??
    If yes, thanks to let me know your price. THANKS and kind regards.


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