About The Collection


Welcome to my Game Worn Jersey Portfolio. My name is Justin, I’m in Orlando, FL, and I’ve been collecting game worn jerseys for as long as I can remember. My dad got me into it as a kid by collecting Orlando Solar Bears jerseys and I’ve continued to collect on my own ever since.

While it may look like a business, Red Lizard Sports is simply my Game Worn Jersey Portfolio. My collection direction has changed over the years, from having at least one jersey per NHL team, to now being more focused on my favorite teams and players including Tampa Bay, Anaheim, Washington, Brad Richards, and the newest Stanley Cup Champion, Brett Connolly.

Most of these jerseys are not for sale. This site is intended to showcase my current collection and previously owned jerseys. If there is something that you must have, I will listen to serious offers. If there are any that I am currently looking to sell, they will be tagged here, and/or on my eBay page (contact me here to purchase via Paypal instead).


  • Brett Connolly Washington (Stadium Style), Bruins (WC Style)
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Current Styles (Reebook/Adidas)
  • Washington Capitals Current Styles (Reebook/Adidas)